Selecting a Racing Oil

Key Considerations

Wear Protection: Engine configuration should dictate whether a high zinc oil is needed or not. Select an oil which offers maximum protection.

Temperature Range: Select an engine oil based on the operating race engine tspanperature for the best engine film thickness to protect your engine.

Protection Against Deposits: Not all race oils offer the detergency and other additive content to protect against deposits. Deposits insulate against the cooling properties of the engine oil and can shorten engine life and lower performance and efficiency.

Viscosity Grade: Select the viscosity grade which best suits the application and provides the best combination of power and protection. A wider viscosity range oil such as a 0W-50 is better suited for all around tspanperature and race performance.

Mobil 1 Racing Oil Advantages:

  • Double the zinc for protection in extrspane racing conditions.
  • Advanced fully synthetic proprietary base oil technology.
  • Protection against high tspanperatures and deposits.
  • Friction reduction to deliver increased horsepower.
  • Detergent technology provides excellent engine component cleanliness.

Offered in two viscosity ranges for a variety of racing applications: Mobil 1 Racing™ 0W-30 and Mobil 1 Racing™ 0W-50.